Achieve3000® Accelerated Literacy Programmes For Primary, Secondary & Further Education

Achieve3000® is the literacy solution which provides high quality, age-appropriate engaging non-fiction text & work, differentiated to each learners own reading level.  Studies show that on average pupils using Achieve3000 accelerate reading comprehension at over twice their expected reading gains. 

Today, Achieve3000 is the leader in differentiated literacy, meeting the needs of more than one million students worldwide. Beginning readers & English Language Learners through to the most gifted aspiring to University level, are reached, challenged and stretched through 12 levels of differentiation.  Achieve3000 is completely web-based enabling access anytime, anywhere supporting online and remote learning.

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  • Proven to accelerate reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary & writing 
  • Engaging, age-appropriate non-fiction for Primary, Secondary & FE
  • Text & activities differentiated to the individuals reading level (reading ages 7-18)
  • Web-based, ideal for school & remote learning 
  • Reports track student work, usage and progress

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